Abegglen, S., Burns, T., & Sinfield, S. (Eds.) (2023). Higher education collaboration: A new ecology of practice.


“Collaboration in Higher Education,” an open-access book, addresses the pressing need for collaboration and partnership in higher education. As institutions strive to maintain their competitive edge in a global, neoliberal education market, students and staff often face alienating practices that foster an individualistic, audit-driven, and surveillance-oriented culture. This issue has been further intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent shift to online teaching.

In this fragmented and competitive environment, the book synthesizes theoretical perspectives and current practices, presenting case studies that advocate for a more inclusive, cooperative, collaborative, compassionate, and empowering approach to education. It emphasizes the human element of education, underscoring the importance of collective efforts. By focusing on what students, academic staff, institutions, and stakeholders can achieve together, the book highlights the potential for personal, collective, and societal growth through a more unified and supportive educational practice.

In a world marked by uncertainty, “Collaboration in Higher Education” serves as a crucial resource, advocating for a shift from isolation to collaboration. It underscores the need to come together and work collectively to create an educational environment that not only adapts to challenges but also fosters growth and resilience.


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