A Research Community Exploring the use of Uncertainty in Learning

A growing community of educators and other professionals thinking about transforming education to prepare students for real-life uncertainty

Questions for future discussions

This website tracks our current research interest and the progress that we’ve been making on each front.

Practical uncertainty in the classroom

How can we bring uncertainty into a classroom? How do we adapt our social contract with students to allow it? What are the assessment implications?

Uncertainty and dealing with risk

How does uncertainty make us feel? How much of our decisions about uncertainty is controlled by those feelings? How does fear control this conversation?

Uncertainty across disciplines

How do we think about professional competencies? What are the similarities across different professions? How does uncertainty play out in practice?

Reflective Practice & uncertainty – OR – is theory helpful? 

How can we theorize uncertainty across disciplines? What theory is out there? Does it come together?

Uncertainty and success

How do we understand success when you can’t know the outcome? How do we know when things are done?

Community as curriculum

How can we think of our professional communities AS curriculum? How do we avoid making real life boring by bringing it into the classroom?

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“The way we introduce college students to research fails to encourage the ethical practice of open-ended curiosity so desperately needed in today’s complex information environment.”

Barbara Fister

Principled Uncertainty: Why Learning to Ask Good Questions Matters More than Finding Answers

Don’t fear it.